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Steve Thomasson
Excavating contractor/tour company Married 3
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Terry Thompson (Cosens)
March 16, 1954 Retired Married 2
After high school, I attended UC Davis.  I met my husband, Doug, my sophomore year and we married our senior year.  I attended graduate school at UC Berkeley.  I had a 25-year career in public finance and retired in 2002. 

I have two children.  My son just graduated in mechanical engineering from Cal Poly SLO.  He's an avid runner and competed on Cal Poly's cross country and track teams.  My daughter just completed her freshman year at Cal Poly in mechanical engineering.  She's a professional mountain biker.  

Currently, I volunteer with two nonprofit agencies.  In my spare time, I enjoy running, kayaking, movies and reading.   

My husband will retire next February.  He's an engineer and has had a great career in aerospace.  We plan to travel more in our RV.  We've promised the kids we won't follow them!  
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Larry Tolentino
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January 05, 1955 Private Investigator Single 3
Very much looking forward to spending time with old friends. Hope everyone is well.

See you soon.
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DeVonne Towery (Towery-Septien)
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March 18, 1954 Title 1/Computer Lab Teacher Married
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Kathy Turner
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May 08, 1954 Configuration Analyst Single 1
Hi all.  I ran across Karen Cassinelli, she filled me in on this site.  How great is this?  As with all of us, much has happened in 41 years.  
My quick bio- On graduation night from MHS, I left for Oregon and parts unknown.  I was a bit of a rebel back then.  I ended up having a love affair with the Pacific Northwest for about 8 years.  Went to college and started working in the high tech field.  Family issues brought me back to Santa Rosa in the late 70's.  There's no place like home, I've been here ever since.
I have one daughter, she is 24.  She is in her second year of law school.  I also have two step daughters and 8 grandchildren.  Just love those babies!
I'm an avid kayaker, whitewater being my favorite.  Turns out I'm an adrenaline junkie- who would think at the age of 59?  Photography is another hobbie.
I'm looking forward to retirement in a couple of years.  I plan to spend retirement doing ECO tours for youth groups and schools- on the water of course.
Sorry I missed the reunion.  That would have been a hoot
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Laurrie (Annee) Urge (Peterson)
December 22, 1953 Private healthcare provider Single Again 2
40 years, oh my! Some days I feel every one of those years and more.
For the past 10 years I have worked as a live-in healthcare provider.  Unfortunately when my client passes away I lose my job and my home. That is where I am now.  I've had several interviews but I really want to stay in Sonoma County.  I know that there is one elderly lady out there who needs me!
My girls, Noelle and Brianna are doing well. Noelle has 2 girls of her own.  Brianna is a sound engineer in L.A.
I have been in a plutonic relationship with my best friend, Frank, for almost 4 years. Life is pretty simple and that's the way I like it.  BUT I will be kicking up my heels at the reunion.  See you there....

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Doug Wagner
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April 05, 1954 Carpet Store owner Married
Hi All
Looking forward to seeing old friends

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Aleta Wauer (Wieneke)
Retired Married
I graduated from Sonoma State University in 1976 with a degree in Anthropology.  I worked for five years for the Idaho State University College of Pharmacy, then moved to Oregon where we have lived for the last 31 years.  When we moved to Oregon I  worked as a veterinary tech, then a medical office assistant with the health department.  For the last 22 years I worked I was employed by Salem Hospital and spent the last 20 of those years in Imaging Administration. 

I retired from Salem Hospital in 2008.  My husband retired (tax auditor for the State of Oregon) at the same time.  We love to travel and are currently planning our 10th trip to Europe.  I also love to garden and read.  
Shawn Wees
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June 22, 1954 Quality Assuarance Married
Great to see everyone. It was nice to come home for a day. Best to all of you and I'll look forward to seeing you again.

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Don Welch (Bruner-Welch)
Retail Sales Married 2
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