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Juliana Welch
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January 23, 1954 gardener Committed Relationship 2
good reason to visit Santa Rosa in the fall.....harvest time and too hot in Lewiston...see you then!
Skip Wellman
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Claim Representative for State Farm Ins. Co. Married 2

After graduation, I attended SRJC, graduated in 74', transferred to Chico St. I made the mistake of attending in the Spring, pledging a fraternity and participating  in Pioneer Week. I was on academic probation my first semester. The following semester, you could find me in the library five nights a week.
After returning to Santa Rosa to take a break from college,( 77’) I enlisted in the Air Force Reserves and stationed at Travis AFB for six years. I was a loadmaster on a C141 cargo Jet. Primarily supervising the on/off loading of military cargo and passengers. During that time, I was able to see many parts of the US and the World. It was fun to tell my coworkers, I flew to Hawaii or Alaska for the weekend. A year after enlisting in the reserves, I was accepted in an entry level position with State Farm Ins located in Rohnert Park. I was able to work my way into Auto Claims. I worked at various levels both technical and managerial positions. In 1980, I met my wife, Carol, who is also employed with State Farm . She eventually worked her way into the Fire Claims Department as a Fire Claim Representative.  I eventually graduated from Sonoma St. with a degree in Bus. Mangt in 1981. After graduating from college, I pursued a degree in “Insurance” and received my CPCU (Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter) designation in 1991. CPCU is a National Business Fraternal Insurance Society.

We have two beautiful daughters, who are now 26 and 22 yrs. old. Both girls continue to pursue their educational goals. My 26 year old is getting married on September 29th. We are once again empty nesters. It nice to have the house back again. During the years when my girls were at home, we attended many soccer tournaments and gymnastics meets. I would be on the cell phone in Bakersfield at a soccer tournament speaking to Carol, who was in Phoenix at a gymnastics meet watching my younger daughter compete. Being involved in our girls sports, made the family bond. We have also met so many great people during this time in our life.

In2001, I transferred into the Fire Claims Dept. I worked in the same department with my wife. So, it made for interesting conversations after work. We would debate on who’s the better settlement negotiator. We finally made a truce, no discussion of work at home. I am working on my 35th year at the Farm. There is light at the end of the tunnel in terms of retirement.

My passion is golf. My goal is to play the top 100 courses in the world. 2009, I made my first “hole in one” at the Rob Roy Golf Course, Cobb Ca. I can check this off my bucket list.

As many of you know, during my high school and JC days, I worked at the Karmelcorn Shop in Coddingtown. Approximately 10 yrs ago, I got back into making carmelcorn for friends and family. In the last couple of years, I have expanded my distribution network to the office where I work. I am exploring the idea of selling my carmelcorn on the internet. I am looking forward to making all of you customers of my product one day. This will help finance my golf outings . 

We plan to travel across Europe and revisit some of the sites we had previously visited.  Also, we will be visiting my sister Cindy,(74'grad) and her husband Coe Burnett (72'grad) in Maui.
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Robert Wills Jr
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February 21, 1954 Nuclear Med tech Married 2
"What a long strange trip it's been..."
I have had the good fortune to have had Janice Holt Wills stick with me for the last forever so we have had a great time building a life in Santa Rosa.
After high school I was off to the JC with great hopes of finding a job that I could do in a small town and make a reasonable amount of money. Janice and I 
got married and were off to UC Davis. After graduation I went to the UCD Med School sponsored nuclear medicine program for one year, got my first job in Palo Alto and after 3 months quit and was off to Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital. Did Nuc Med and trained in a crazy new field of medical ultrasound. It was the wilderness then and had a great time assisting the local techs, including me get educated in the field so we could become certified. 
At the same time we had two wonderful girls and life was never the same again. 
We have had great times watching our family and the  city change, met a bunch of high energy Hewlet Packard engineers who never knew what "can't do it" meant, so they kept me sane through the high energy work/ marriage/ kids stage of my life. The concept of "work life balance" was new to me but boy does it take a lot of practice to institute and it really works. As they say, "vacations are good".
Also have been blessed to have family here in the area so we have seen close relatives far more often than I ever did as a child. 
Now we have a grandson and 2 granddaughters so the circle is complete. We get to rediscover the world again at a nice slow pace. 
It has been a roller coaster ride but I wouldn't have changed a thing.

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Bruce Wohlert
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Business Director Married 3
Hi classmates. It is hard to comprehend that it’s been 40 years since I last saw many of you on our Graduation Night at Bailey Field. My life has been richly blessed with a wonderful wife and loving family; great friends; a rewarding and fulfilling career; good health; and fortunate enough to travel to numerous countries abroad and many special destinations in the US. I met my wife Barbara (MHS '73, maiden name=Headley) at SRJC and we were married right after graduating from college. We just celebrated our 35th anniversary in June. We have 3 great kids, 1 daughter and 2 sons; 2 adorable daughter-in-laws and a two-year old grandson. Currently, my wife and I are enjoying this “empty-nester” phase of life and being grand-parents. We are actively involved in our church. We love to garden, ride bikes through the Sonoma County wine country (and enjoy wine tastings), and occasionally enjoy a round of golf or a game of tennis.
In 1977, I graduated from Humboldt State with a Geography degree with the intent of becoming a City Planner. Unfortunately when I graduated there were no job openings in that field due to a hiring freeze, but fortunately for me, God had exciting plans for my career.  I spent a few years in geothermal research before entering the high-tech industry. In 1980, I accepted a PC Board Design position in an R&D Lab at Hewlett Packard’s facility in Santa Rosa. In 1994, HP paid my way through graduate school in which I received my MBA from Golden Gate University. I transitioned into a management track in which I managed various teams in R&D, Manufacturing and Marketing. I left Agilent Technologies (formerly HP) in 2003 to become the Business Director of Alliance Redwoods Christian Conference Center located west of Sebastopol, near Occidental. 2 years ago, I was instrumental in developing Sonoma Canopy Tours (, an eco-adventure experience in the redwood forest at Alliance Redwoods. It has been rated as one of the top Canopy Tours in the US. One of the most rewarding achievements of my career has been developing a year around outreach to the orphans and township kids that live near Cape Town, South Africa. Our teams have the opportunity to serve meals and share the message of hope in Christ to over 10,000 kids each year.
Unfortunately I won’t be able to attend the reunion as I am hosting a Men’s Retreat at Alliance Redwoods that weekend, but wish each of you the very best.

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David Yaw
October 03, 1953 General Contractor Married 2
Have been in the Sacramento area since 1973. It is hard to believe that 40 years have come and gone. I have not been back to SR since 1992. I came over on business. I guess I wanted out, although SR is a great city. I am currently married to the love of my life. Sometimes it takes a time or two to find that person. I have a daughter from my first marriage and another daughter from my current marriage. We have a grandson and grandaughter and one granddaughter in the oven. We have been married for 12 years. I have been in the construction industry for 41 years. I started in 1971 putting in foundations in Rohnert Park and the rest is history. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Michelle Zorger (Nelsen)
August 31, 1954 Artist Married 2
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