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Ron Hays
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July 19, 1954 Sales, National Scouting Report Married 2
Hello All, it is very exciting thinking of all the friends that I have not seen in many years, and all the great memories that come to mind. I have connected already with several "long time no see" friends, it is wonderful.
I will keep this journey is the road less traveled, it is a not so straight one, and yet, through grace, I am exactly where I desire to be.
I have been married to Corinne, 28 years last May 5th, yes Cinco de Mayo, 31 years all together, and she still has reasons to be there in the morning when we wake up.
We have 2 grown children, Rachel, 26, works at Salon 12 in Rincon Valley and is working toward her Pre-School Teaching Certification at SRJC. Happily together with Rene of Cloverdale.
Our son John, 20, Worked for Kaiser Air at Sonoma County Airport, Ground Crew, which means he did anything and everything, from moving multi-million dollar planes around, to eating the leftover catered food on the planes. Meeting the celebrities that fly into Sonoma County was a highlight....Oprah...Patrick Dempsey....Barry Bonds....anyway it was fun, but in reality this was a prep for his next stop...John is at boot camp in San Antonio as I type this....Mom's a little nervous....I am to, but this is. right for John. Airman John Hays USAF....Proud Dad and Mom.
Corinne an Escrow Officer for 38+ years, works at the Lakeport Branch of First American Title. She is the rock of this family.
I am retired, 1998,  from Sonoma County Juvenile Hall, Youth Supervisor III, 15 years.
Have had several jobs since, but have landed just recently in a position that could possibly be my niche. I am the Area Director for National Scouting Report, Northern California Territory. This adventure started for me in the middle ot May. Helping student athletes find their way to college scholarships. Really enjoying this new career.
For those of you knew my parents, always supportive of all us as we made our way through HS, they are very proud to have been a part of your lives. My Father passed away in 2007. My Mom just passed this April 6th 2012. They are now dancing their first dance for now and always. I have a picture of that HS dance, Mom 16, Dad 18, and not knowing what was ahead. They dance forever together, now in the house of God.
Their legacy is to enjoy every moment as if it is the last, remember the past to learn, look to tomorrow with a joy about what is to come.
Not brief. But thats me.
Looking forward very much to seeing friends again! 
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Bruce Heydon
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December 19, 1953 Accountant Married 2
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Janice Holt (Wills)
January 19, 1954 Retired Married 2
   After MH I attended SRJC, graduating with an AA and certificate in Radiologic Technology.  Bob and I were married a month after graduating and have had a wonderful last 36 years.  We have two daughters, two son-in-laws, two granddaughters and one grandson!  We are so blessed! 
   I worked for 31 years as an X-ray tech, mainly in orthopedic offices here in Santa Rosa. Now I'm just a happy grandma with lots of time to spend with my kids! 
   Bob and I love to travel.  By the time we see you in September, we will have returned from a week in England and Scotland and two weeks on a cruise in the Baltic.
   We are lucky to have stayed in touch with so many friends from high school. Russell Mortensen, Becky Howe, Rolf Nelson, Mike Boyce, Joan Coates and John Robinson are some of our closest friends.
   Looking forward to seeing you all!
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Jorjan Holt (Powers)
May 05, 1954 Retired Married 2
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Roxanne Hostetter (Nassan)
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April 15, 1954 Press Democrat Married 3
 I am amazed it's been (gulp!) forty years!?!! I am so looking forward to seeing everyone again. Since graduation...well, lots of growing and changing, raising children, living in Santa Rosa, after a short time in the East Bay. I love connecting on Facebook. My husband and I are very involved at First Presbyterian Church, and lead a small group Bible Study. Our kids are in LA and Arizona, so we seem to be down there every chance we get. Our two small granddaughters are the biggest draw :) See you in September! Send Roxanne a MessageSend Roxanne a Message
Dean Iodence
Business Owner Married 2
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Sutton Jack
January 30, 1954 Retired/Disabled Married 3
Hi Everybody!

Those responsible for getting this all together, Great Job! I was directed to the site by my foster brother, Baron McDonald, also of this class. I have kept in touch with him, and Gary Pownall, who lives in Italy and has for a really long time. He is married and enjoying life over there, but I visited while I was in the Army 1971-1974 Vietnam Era. I wanted to make the
Service a career, but my oldest son was born with something, that only 4 doctors in the world knew anything about it. Fortunately there was one in SF (Dr Conti) who did, and took us on. He wasn't supposed to live past 20, but he made it to 34. He passed away in Dec. 14, 09.     Our youngest son, Jeremy was 19, he joined the Army as well, but he was a whole lot smarter than I, and he was in Military Intellengence Field, Russian Linguist. Unfortunately he and a friend was killed in an Automobile accident in 2000. Our daughter who is the oldest, still lives there in Santa Rosa, with her daughter, and grandson. Yeah! I'm a Great Grandpa. Time flies, I looked at those that have gone on, and I just can't believe how many. Bob Taylor, (Bob Bloyd,still with us) (Larry Cheney, I believe he is still with us) so many friends, I haven't seen for so long. I still have great memories, but unfortunately for now, I will have to just write all for now.
   I am retired/disabled these days, I have been fighting diabetes since the 90's, also found out that I contracted Hep C from a blood transfusion, and that attacked my Liver, and I have had Stage 4 Liver damage, since 95. Back in 2006, I found out that diabetes was taking out my kidneys. I have been on a dialysis machine now since March of 07. I went through all the medical proceedures so I could get on the National Transplant List. I have been waiting a long time, and praying that this will be the year that I will be called up. Not to worry though! I am very strong in my Faith for our Lord Jesus Christ. He never gives us more than we can handle, and he never forsakes us. I am in his hands, as is everything. My wife, Barbara of 33 years has been a rock and we are just as much in Love today as when we first met. I Praise God for putting her into my life, she is truly my Best Friend, and has always been. I have a great and wonderful Church Family, thousands and thousands of them. Pastor Chuck Smith, the head pastor of Calvary Chapel. I am a deacon at my church here in Green Valley, Arizona. I don't have time to worry about me, I am very involved in our church.
   Well, thats enough from me, I pray that everyone who will be attending, will have safe travels to and from. God Bless You ALL. I will get some photos together and post them soon.        Bye for NOW.... Jack Sutton 

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Marla Jaehnig (Anschutz)
April 27, 1954 Accountant Married 2
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Eric Janssen
December 03, 1953 semi retired Single
Yeah, So much has happened I don't know where to begin! I guess shoot me an email if you're interested.
Hopefully be seeing some of you with this '72/'73 reunion combo thingy deal coming up.
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Nancy Jenner
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April 30, 1954 attorney Married 2

After graduation, I worked at a couple of part time jobs until I got married in 1973.  We moved to southern Texas where my new husband was from and he had found a job.  We lived in McAllen and on South Padre Island until moving back to California in late 1978.  We had two children, Billy (now 35) and Catherine (now 33). 

I took some night classes and for one semester was a full time student. I was trying to figure out how to do something more interesting than answering telephones and doing clerical work that bored me to death.  At one point, I wanted to be a molecular biologist until I figured out I had NO aptitude for the math - but writing came easy for me.

Eventually, we divorced, and I continued with night classes while working as a legal secretary.  Eventually, I landed in a night law school program.  I graduated in 1989 and have been practicing ever since.  I am in a small (6 attorney) firm that represents cities and special districts.  It's a wonderful group - more like an extended family.

I am now married to the love of my life, Randy, who works for the FDA as a regional milk specialist (keeping our cheese and milk safe).  Both of my kids are parents now (we have 5 grandchildren - all girls!) and they live nearby. 

I am still an avid horserider.  One of the first things I did after granduating from law school was buy a horse for the first time in about 15 years.  I started lessons in dressage and have been a competitive dressage rider for the past 20 years.  I never got over this childhood passion. 

We live near Exeter which is a small town 10 miles east of Visalia (an hour south of Fresno). We live on an acre that consists of a dressage arena, two horse paddocks, a yard and a vegetable garden.  We grow most everything we eat so my trip to the farmer's market is a walk to the back yard.  Because our winters are mild, we grow a fall garden that grows all winter long.

I am grateful to have the fulfilling life that I do and look forward to seeing everyone in September!

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