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Mary Johnson (Dowling)
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Mary Johnson
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September 22, 1954 Receptionist Married 2
After high school, I attended SRJC and graduated in 2 years with an AA degree. While at SRJC I started working for Farmers Insurance. A year after graduating from SRJC I enrolled at Sonoma State and after completing one semester, I decided I did not want to become a teacher and I continued working at Farmers Insurance.   After 5 years with them I was hired by Sonoma County. I worked one year at Juvenile Probation in all departments and then transferred to the County Dependent Home where I was a secretary for 7 years.

I met my husband, a chef, on a blind date set up by his sister who I worked with at the Dependent Home. I was not interested in meeting anyone, but thought why not-it's a free meal. After a whirlwind "courtship", we married in 1985. A few months after that, we moved to Boise, Idaho and  I worked at a attorney's firm for one year. Both our daughters were born in Boise, Breana-25 and Colleen-23.

We were in Idaho for 3 yers then moved to Lodi/Woodbridge, CA to be closer to family. I was a stay-at-home mom and loved it. We stayed in Lodi/Woodbridge for 6 years and then moved to Macedon, New York ( east of Rochester). While in Macedon, I worked 10 years in our school district as an assistant cook manager ie: lunch lady. The school district was very small (400 kids in high school 9-12th) so everyone knew everyone, for good or bad, and I enjoyed working at the high school, what better way to get to know my daughter's friends. After 11 1/2 years of dealing with brutal winters, ice storms (one knocked out power for 3 days), and no summers to speak of, we accepted an offer in Medford, Oregon where we moved to in 2006. I work as a receptionist.

My dad, MHS teacher Jim Johnson,still lives in Santa Rosa, even  after my mother's passing in 2009. I drive down to Santa Rosa every month to visit my dad and to help him as he is legally blind - dad is very independent though.

Linda Ramirez Swanson and I are still very close friends and throughout the years we would manage to see one another every 2-3 years (depending on where we were both living). In fact, when we moved to New York, we lived an hour away from Linda, who lived in the Syracuse area. With Linda in San Francisco, we see each other often. Ellen Carney Woodward and I are still friends (starting in the 6 grade) and communicate quite often and see each other occasionally. Leslee Ewers Chain and I communicate with one another and it always seems like no time has gone by since high school.

And as a side note: the day of our 40th reunion is my 58th! birthday. What a way to celebrate a birthday!
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Greta Johnston (Liedke)
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October 14, 1954 Nutritionist Married
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Greg Kappes
August 04, 1954 Pharmacist/retired Committed Relationship 2
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Art Knoll
April 22, 1954 Retired Married 1
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Lee Ann Knuthson
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September 29, 1954 Educator Married
Butcher, Baker, Candlestick Maker

Since graduation from MHS I enjoyed varied mini-careers as I grappled with what I wanted to be when I grew up. (Still thinking) Some of the most interesting choices included a 5 year stint learning the wine business at Sebastiani Winery, reporter and columnist for the then weekly Amador Progress News, bad Real Estate agent in bad times, Girl Friday in a local construction office and graveyard shift security manager somewhere in Sacramento.

At 30 I decided to return to school for my B.A. in English and Teaching Credential. I have worked as an educator in Sonoma Valley schools since 1989, in and currently outside of the classroom.

Earned Degrees yet Master at None

Luckily college was cheaper in the 70's and 80's as I attended for 8 years. Collecting dust are A.A.'s in Criminal Justice, Sociology and History. Luckily many of those units counted towards my English degree. I keep thinking I will go back . . . well maybe one of these days.

Loving Life in Sonoma

In 1978 I moved to Sonoma and have had the privilege of living in this lovely valley ever since. I have two grown stepchildren and three fabulous granddaughters. My husband has five children and ten grandchildren. Blended together we are a healthy and happy go lucky bunch.

My best memories of high school are contained in the friendships I made and continue today with DeVonne Towery, Sue Smith, Gloria Morikawa and Greta Johnston.
We haven't really changed a bit!

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Louise Laduke
October 22, 1954 Radiation Therapist Married 2
Susan LaFranchi (Scinto)
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October 03, 1954 retired Married
I started working full time the day after graduation.  My college included  evening classes at SRJC, San Diego Community College and Sierra Community College.  I always worked full time until I retired last year in 2011.  I retired as an Assistant Vice President from American AgCredit, ACA.  I worked 28 years in the Farm Credit System.

During my 20's I lived in Berkeley, San Diego, and San Jose.  At the age of 29 I moved to Roseville, California when I married my husband, Jim.  In 1996 I had a career opportunity to move back to Santa Rosa, which I took.

I have no children, but my busband has 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.

I now spend my time golfing and enjoying life.

Amazing 40 years in four paragraphs!
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Barbara Larson
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VP Commercial Loan Officer Single Again 2
I have lived in Santa Rosa since school.  I did live in San Rafael and San Francisco for awhile.  I am currently living at the same house I was in when I went to Montgomery.  I came home over 20 years ago to help take care of my Mom who passed away with cancer.  I then promised my Dad I would take care of him for as long as he wanted me to.  Well that was over 18 years ago.  He just passed away in September 2011.  So we are now the Elders!!! Seems so strange that so many have passed away from our class.  I have traveled to numerous countries with my dauther and then she married.  I have 2 daughters, 4 grandchildren and 2 great grandsons.  My daugther, her husband and my 1 year old granddaughter live with me along with my 19 and 17 year old grandchilden.  A full house.  Anyway we have lots of time to catch up at the party.  I will see you all there. Send Barbara a MessageSend Barbara a Message
Steve Lindsay
April 24, 1954 Research Married
Where should I begin? After graduation I spent a couple of years selling sporting goods at the family business in town while taking police science courses at the junior college. However, in time I realized that the substance abuse problem that I had cultivated during high school was not going to be conducive with a career in law enforcement. Fortunately, I was presented with an opportunity to learn the carpentry trade and left Santa Rosa to travel around California building Cattlemen's Restaurants. Five years later I found myself living the lonely life of a traveling construction worker while consuming vast quantities of hard liquor and drugs in the Sacramento area. It was here that I met this cute little Mormon girl in the town of Loomis and everything changed. Though our relationship did not last very long, I am forever grateful to her family for showing me a different path in life.

By 1979 I was studying political science of the Middle East and the Hebrew language at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. It was sort of like a religious rehab for me. Two years later I bid farewell to the Mormons and moved to Israel. For the first eighteen months I lived on a kibbutz (Revivim) right smack in the middle of the Negev Desert where I worked in the carpentry shop and made repairs on the homes of the Israelis who lived there. Here in America we receive money for our work, but on kibbutz I received instead gratitude from the Israelis. I found this to be much more rewarding. When the invasion into Lebanon began in June of 1983 I decided to leave Revivim and went to work for an Israeli building contractor helping him construct homes in the occupied West Bank and Golan Heights. For a time I also lived in the city of Haifa just 50 miles south of Beirut and on paydays I would frequent the Haifa bars to trade my shekels for U.S. dollars with the American Marines on liberty from duty at their base outside Beirut. They were just spending their greenbacks on alcohol anyway and the inflation in Israel was so bad back then that the only way to save money was to convert shekels to dollars and squirrel them away. I had lots of fun with these guys over time and later learned that many of them were killed at their base in Lebanon by a suicide truck bomber. That was almost 30 years ago now and I still think about them often. I also ventured out alone into the Arab lands during this time and even visited another Montgomery High School student, Michael Haggard, who was stationed outside Cairo, Egypt at that time. That was in '83 or '84 and I haven't seen Mike since then. Sure hope he shows up in September this year.

When I returned to the U.S. in the summer of 1985 I moved to Arcata, California and attended Humboldt State University. I had become a political conservative by then and it was there at HSU that I came to realize my ability to enrage liberals with my writings; and subsequently acquired a Bachelor's degree in Journalism by 1987. A year later I moved just a few miles east from there and continued swinging a hammer again for another 20 years right here in Trinity County. We are 3,000 square miles of forestland; no stoplights at all, and the population of the entire county is only 13,000 people. Soon after I moved here I met and married a woman who was also born in 1954. She was raised Catholic (like myself), but in Salt Lake City! Go figure. We have no children and I retired from carpentry in '08. I now operate a genealogical probate research business here at my home, whereby I locate people all across the world and radically change their lives with large sums of inheritance money. I am an heir finder now and have become shockingly successful in this field. My wife and I came in out of the woods and settled in the town of Lewiston (population 800) in 2001 and I rarely leave the property anymore. I especially take pride in the opinion letters that I frequently submit to our county newspaper, The Trinity Journal. Most of the good people I've known here are gone now and I seem to be surrounded by the rest of them. People here don't really know who I am by sight, but my name is associated with controversy; and yes, even some hatred. My most recent writings can be accessed through Google: type <Steve Lindsay Lewiston>.  I've become so disgusted with many of my own countrymen in recent years that I now prefer social isolation and have become an avid viewer of Fox News.  We've taken a few cruises now and then, but I keep finding that I always look forward to getting back home again.  From the Mormons I learned to stockpile food and from the Israelis- ammunition.  So I am pretty much prepared here for whatever the future brings.

I guess that pretty much sums it up. Sure looks like this reunion will be attended by old people who I won't recognize. How did this happen? Sure hope that some of my old buddies show up. Judging by the long list of names on the "Memoriam page," this just might be the last chance we get to see each other again. Carpe diem.

P.S. Really nice job on this web site.
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